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Simplifying The Ability To Expand In Belarus

We provide IT businesses with the Offshore Software Development services and the ability to establish Research and Development Centers in Belarus

Why Belarus?

IT Loyal Country

There are more than 1200 IT companies in Belarus – and among them are Viber, Wargaming, IBA, EPAM, etc. Local developers have created well-known MSQRD, AIMATTER, maps.me and other applications.

Special Tax Regime

HTP (High Technology Park) Belarus provides one of the best environments for conducting IT business in the world. Residency in the HTP exempts from corporate tax, income tax, VAT, provides reduced income tax.

Easy To Come

5-days visa free entrance via the checkpoint “Minsk National Airport” for 74 countries (including all the EU, UK and other). Our geographical location makes it easy to reach us by plane, just within 1-3 hours from any European capital.

IT Labor Potential

Annually 4000+ software engineers graduating from the educational establishments. They are highly trained, with good English, are mentally close to the Western way of thinking. Meanwhile, the costs of hiring are lower than in the EU/US.

Costs for salaries per year/per developer




*according to PayScale

Our Services

To Start in Belarus

We know all about how to start a business, the tax system to choose, to become a resident of the HTP, to provide legal and accounting support to companies, to submit state reporting, provide daily paperwork.

To Hire The Best IT Labor

We work with the best HR and know where and how to find personnel for your projects. In addition, we love communication with employees (HRM), feel them and participate in solving their problems. 

Dedicated Teams

We have extensive experience in hiring, collecting, and providing Dedicated Teams of developers, QA, and designers for long-term projects. Just “rent” the entire team for a specific period of time with great productivity.


We could provide and transfer Dedicated Teams with the perspective of the Build-Operate-Transfer option, that is the great option to start with dedicated on the beggining and to acquire the team in future for in-house.

Relevant Experience

Signals Lab professionals have received the brilliant 10+ years experience including the next cases:

Viber acquisition by Rakuten

Japanese Internet Giant Rakuten Acquired Viber For $900M in 2014

Juno acquisition by Gett

On-demand ride service Gett confirms acquisition of Juno for $200M in 2017

ZubrSoft enteres in the HTP

ZubrSoft going to become National IT Corporation – entered HTP in 2018

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